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On 18 September this year, the foresters, local self-government representatives and NGOs met tin order to talk about the Municipal Forest in Gajewo near Giżycko. The participants discussed the works planned by the Giżycko Forest District. The meeting ended without reaching a mutually agreed position. During the meeting, the social party and the self-government presented further new expectations, in spite of the previously made arrangements.

The changes in the planned works in the Municipal Forest were prepared by the foresters in order to meet all the expectations of the local community and fulfil the obligations resulting from the law. The changes in the manner the works were carried out were presented both by the social party and the local self-government side. In response to these expectations, the foresters prepared a proposal that is in compliance with the principles of nature protection and current legislation.

Social expectations

We did not reach a mutual agreement. During the meeting, the social party and the local self-government presented us with the new expectations and the content of the agreement, which was delivered to us a few hours prior to the meeting. We did not even have a chance to read it. As you can guess, in the continuously changing conditions, in particular the changing social expectations, further document proposals and articulated new demands, reaching any agreement is very difficult - says Krzysztof Miszkiel, the Deputy Forest Manager.

We, the foresters care about an agreement concerning the Municipal Forest in Gajewo near Giżycko. We agreed that we will meet again, in October, and first of all we will talk about the works planned for the last quarter of 2019. Reaching a mutual agreement is possible only if it is based on a compromise, and not on signing with demands imposed in advance and agreements created in a rush. No agreement can be reached in this way. We do not agree to such solutions - points out Miszkiel.

Changing expectations of the social party and the local self-government, presenting the content of agreements just a few hours prior to the meeting does not bring us closer to reaching an agreement. If the organisations change their expectations on the occasion of each subsequent meeting, we will never come closer to reaching an agreement - summarises Krzysztof Miszkiel.


Presentation from the meeting prepared by the foresters

Video recording of the meeting

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqGUjileHZI

Additional information about the dialogue on the Municipal Forest in Gajewo


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